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 Job Overview

Direct Support Professional


The Job Coach is responsible for working with their assigned clientele to enhance their skills and assist them in functioning in a workplace. The Job Coach mentors and supports their clients to ensure they receive the appropriate services that will prepare them for a full and independent life. These services may include but are not limited to assessments, vocational training, all educational needs including life skills to meet their individual goals. Using personal vehicle which will be used for work, which can hold 3 plus driver comfortably and safely, with proof of auto insurance ($50,000/$100,000), current tags, air conditioning, and must maintain vehicle inspection standards, along with an acceptable DMV current driving record. 

This position requires the following

  • Working Days - Monday through Friday

  • 33.75 Hours per Week

  • Typical start time: 7:45 A.M.

  • Typical end time: 2:30 P.M.

  • Hourly or Salary Rate Range: $16.35 - $20.00 / Hr.

  • Mileage Reimbursement .67 per mile driven during work hours.

  • Assists in the development and implementation of each client’s Individualized Plan and provides feedback regarding the effectiveness of the plans developed.

  • Implement the program objectives within the philosophy of Community Vocational Services, INC.; including active treatment & addressing concepts of normalization to ensure clients can live work and integrate into the community to the degree that they are willing and able.

  • Ensure that client ISP (Individual Service Plan) is being followed

  • Stay up to date on the rights of persons with developmental intellectual disabilities • Attend all classes with clients, Instruct and Moderate classes as assigned.

  • Monitor client goals

  • Complete daily charting, attendance, & reports.

  • Participate in further education meetings, trainings, and monthly In-services. • Plan and facilitate the daily activities and trainings for clients.

  • Model the expected behaviors for staff and clients in accordance with CVS policies and procedures and enforce the civility policy.

  • Ability to use technology to provide services. Class and meetings are conducted through the use of technology or in person. Hours & Benefits

Email your current resume to Lisa at 

                                                                                                                  Program Coordinator 

Reports To: Program Manager  

Hours: M-F   6:00 a.m.-2:30 p.m. (office hours may vary depending on need, some Saturdays maybe required for Special Olympics or additional events) 

Salary: $20-25 per hour 


  1. Must have a positive and charismatic attitude and possess good organizational skills. 

  1. Bilingual a plus 

  1. Must be computer competent with strong technical skills. 

  1. Must be able to communicate well verbally and in writing. 

  1. Person Centered Trained (will allow time to complete once hired if needed) 

  1. Strong Conflict Resolution Skills. 

  1. Strong documentation skills and plan development skills. 

  1. Must be able to represent CVS in a professional way to clients, families, employers and other affiliates. 

  1. Must be well organized, able to function with minimal supervision and a self-starter who takes initiative to manage caseload and program responsibilities.  

  1. Must be supportive of other staff and clients including strong training/teaching skills. 

  1. Ability to work in a variety of settings with cultural-diverse families and communities with the ability to be culturally sensitive and appropriate. 

  1. Ability to motivate and develop others towards achieving client and program goals. 

  1. Respect for confidentiality involving both clients and fellow employees. 

  1. Must have a driver license, reliable vehicle, 50/100k insurance coverage and pass our vehicle for any work-related travel. 




  1. Must be able to open the office at 6:00 am M-F 

  1. Assign and match up clients with job coaches daily, monitor and input client choices of locations, document daily attendance and complete daily schedule by the end of the day. 

  1. Facilitate and complete Client/Care provider/parent/CVRC/employer/volunteer satisfaction surveys in January and July of each year.  Collect data, provide to management an analysis and suggestions report.  

  1. Spot checks assigned. 

  1. Manage Caseload of Clients. 

  1. Budgeting. 

  1. Monitor calendar and Newsletter, ensuring publication by due date. 

  1. Must be able to troubleshoot coordinating clients and staff. 

  1. Mileage Audit, review mileage to ensure entries match up with schedule. 

  1. Schedule clients and direct care staff, answer calls and phone messages, set up pick-ups and drop-offs and make corrections as necessary and facilitate check-in and check-out as needed. 

  1. Address issues/concerns and follow through with documentation each day.  

  1. Coordinate and facilitate activities and events for CVS.  Work with CVS Lead Activities Coordinator to assure all prep and finish work completed appropriately. 

  1. Keep all management informed of any client or job coach issues or concerns in a timely manner.  

  1. Maintain required contact and sharing of important information to CVRC/Parent/Caregivers, etc. 

  1.  Coordinate job sites, overseeing supplies needed for jobs.  

  1. Maintain volunteer sites, develop new opportunities, work with Operations Administrator to ensure all documentation and liabilities are covered. 

  1. Monitor job development for all clients wanting to work and create rotation to diversify opportunities. 

  1. Mandated Reporting and SIR Reporting as needed. 

  1. Facilitate Assessments as needed. 

  1. All other duties as assigned. 


GENERAL RESPONSIBILITIES:  Provides coordinator services, manage case load for Community Vocational Services, INC, including the effective implementation of each client’s ISP. 


  1. Train/Orientation of Direct Care Staff on all documents related to the facilitation of daily schedule/check-in. 

  1. Keep Supervisor informed of significant events, activities and unusual occurrences or concerns.  

  1. Report any client of staff concerns to management in a timely manner. 

  1. Assist with Advocacy election, meetings, and agendas. 


Qualifications and skills: 


Able to multitask, take direction, retain information and follow through, respect confidentiality, enforce company civility policy, oversee staff, oversee classes for quality, disseminate information and follow up with management any issues or concerns, good organization skills, good communication skills, exhibit a professional demeanor, use a client-centered approach at all times, and the ability to model CVS, INC expected behaviors. 

This listing was posted on 6/13/24 and will remind up until the position is filled. 

                                                         Email your current resume to Lisa at 

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