Active Treatment Program

Our Philosophy

Community Vocational Services, INC is a consumer driven, community-based program.  Our primary goal is to provide services and support systems which allow our consumers to live, work and utilize all available opportunities in their community.


We believe our consumers should be involved in all aspects of decisions regarding their lives.  We are a Health and Wellness focused program that is implemented to improve the quality of life for our consumers.  We respect individual choice. We recognize that freedoms and responsibilities go hand-in-hand to provide our consumers with necessary tools and information to assist them in making informed choices in their own interest. 

We actively promote consumer self-advocacy, but will advocate on their behalf if needed or requested.  We practice Person Centered Thinking.  

Person Centered Thinking underlies and guides respectful listening which leads to actions, resulting in people who:

  • Have positive control over the life they desire and find satisfying;

  • Are recognized and valued for their contributions (current and potential) to their communities; and

  • Are supported in a web of relationships, both natural and paid, within their communities.  

  • Person Centered Thinking Skills are a set of skills that reflect and reinforce values that:

  • Propel the learning cycle

  • Help us support rather than fix

  • Work for humans

  • Work at every level in the organization

  • Build the culture of learning, partnership, and accountability

  • Affirm our belief that everyone can learn



The purpose of our services is to maximize the quality of each consumer’s life by providing age appropriate activities in the least restrictive  natural environments that will offer  opportunities for employment, integration and independence in their community.    
Community Vocational Services INC provides an overall staff to consumer ratio of 1:3. Ratios are adjusted based on consumer needs. We realize that many consumers may require one-on-one job coaching services for a period of time to adjust or transition to employment.


Anticipated Client Outcomes


A comprehensive program will be developed that is appropriate to each consumer that will delineate specific, time limited, measurable goals (anticipated consumer outcomes).  These goals will be in the areas of improvement in self-help skills, vocational training, supported employment, nutrition and fitness, life skills, communication/ social interaction, community awareness, mobility training, consumer training, recreation/leisure time training, safety awareness, self-advocacy and independent living.


Training Locations


Program services are provided in the Fresno County, Madera County and in the Kings County area of Hanford, Visalia and Tulare.  Programming is conducted in a variety of natural environments located throughout each consumer’s community.  These include but not limited to, places of business, retail environments, parks, recreation facilities and office complexes.


  • Community Integration Employment Training Program

  • Interdisciplinary Assessment Service

  • Specialized Therapeutic Services

  • Mobility Van and more