From a Different Point of View

Health and Wellness Focused

Community Vocational Services, INC accepts referrals for male and female consumers eighteen years of age or older.  Consumers should be ambulatory, although consideration will be given to consumers who use wheelchairs that can be transported in a regular vehicle and able to self-transfer in and out of the vehicle. Consumers with communication, toileting and other self-care deficits are eligible for participation in the Community Vocational Services, INC program.   

Comprehensive Program

Our training materials are designed to allow staff to train in multiple areas of program curriculum in numerous locations. This new innovative model promotes learning in natural environments and gives strategies that can be applied to our consumer’s everyday lives. We are an Active Treatment Program and strive to aggressively teach and train throughout the 6 hour program day.

Our working consumers have specific vocational goals and we assist them in advancing in their jobs and reaping the economic benefits for learning new skills. Training takes place in various job sites to better assess the consumer’s potential and find the best option for successful employment.

Quality Cost Effective

Call Central Valley Regional Center at   559-276-4300 to be referred to us. Central Valley Regional Center (CVRC) may call to discuss any potential referral within our service area and forward a referral packet consisting of the most recent psychological assessment, most recent social assessment, current IPP, CDER and any other relevant diagnostic reviews.  Community Vocational Services, INC will review the information, talk with the consumer, family and counselor within 10 working days of receipt of the referral packet and determine the appropriateness of placement for services.  Placement will occur upon mutual agreement with the consumer and his/her representative.





Active Treatment

Consumer Driven-Person Centered

Active Treatment

An aggressive, organized effort to fulfill each clients fullest developmental capacity.


Community Vocational Services, INC is a consumer driven, community-based program.  Our primary goal is to provide services and support systems which allow our consumers to live, work and utilize all available opportunities in their community.

Hours, Days and Times of Operation


Offices Open

6:30A.M.- 3:30P.M. Mon.-Fri.


3467 West Shaw Ave Suite 101 Fresno, CA 93711

p)559-227-8287 f)559-243-5893

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